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Spanking Herbs – A Necessary Discipline

If you’ve spent anytime in a craft cocktail bar in the past several years, you have probably noticed bartenders “getting rough” with their herbs.  Folks, this isn’t a form of discipline, as you might have guessed, used when, for instance, “the sage gets unruly with the basil”, but rather how a bartender adds an indispensable layer of aroma to a drink.  Known as ‘spanking an herb”, the proper technique is to lightly slap an herb garnish between your hands or lightly slap it against your forearm to activate the aromas from the plant.  Next, carefully place the herb right where you believe your guest’s nose will be in relation to the drink, and finally enjoy what I like to call “the emotional tip,” a feeling one can only enjoy when they have created a life changing beverage experience for someone.


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