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Through Rose-Colored Glasses

 rose ice
Add a bit of Spring to your cocktail by adding rose petal ice cubes.  They’re simple to make, edible, and lovely to look at.
  1. Start with distilled water (this makes the ice less cloudy).  If you don’t have distilled water, simply boil it and let it cool down.  Fill an ice tray halfway and freeze.
  2. Next take a small rosebud (you only need a few petals so no need to pick the biggest rose in your garden) and put one petal on each ice cube, cover with a teaspoon of water and freeze again.
  3. Lastly fill the tray all the way to the top and freeze for the third time.
Take special care to select a rose that has not been sprayed with any chemicals.
rose petals in ice cubes
These would be perfectly delicious looking in an Aviation American Gin Rose Lemonade.  Just mix 1 part gin to 3 parts Rose Lemonade (Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade is especially yummy) and add your ice cubes and voila!  Beauty in a glass.
other tips:  You may also want to try experimenting with other edible flowers like lilacs, lavender, jasmine, violets, dandelions or perhaps herbs.  If making ice cubes it too much of a chore simply float the petals on top for an equally nice touch.
– Tamara Beers, Finance

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