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Meet Brooke Arthur

Brooke Arthur

When we say “we’re lucky to have her” we couldn’t mean it more. Brooke Arthur leads our team in many ways as the Director of On Premise Education and Outreach but her tastiest roles is as head cocktail developer. What she can do with spirits, juices and spices can only be described as magical. Luckily for the rest of us, she has a way of translating her concoctions into easily followed recipes.

Brooke got her start in South Lake Tahoe before moving to Santa Rosa and then San Francisco. She received her first mixology lessons from luminaries like Duggan McDonnell, Erik Carlson, Carlos Yturria, Camber Lay and Dominic Venegas. For those of us that are not hip to the super stars of the cocktail world, trust us when we say, she’s learned from the best.

After working for three years at The Redwood Room, Brooke left to open Umami with Erik Carlson and Frisson with Duggan McDonnell, and was tapped to be among a group of star bartenders at Range. There’s so much more to the story of how Brooke Arthur gained her cocktail-cred and if you’re lucky enough to spot her at an event somewhere in the USA, be sure to ask her.

Make sure to check back here for posts on cocktails created by our very own Brooke.

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