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Home Parties 103: Home Bar Tools


Every good party starts with a good cocktail. We may be bias but that sounds true enough. Creating a great cocktail is as easy as following a good recipe and having a few simple tools on hand. With a few dollars and one trip to the store, you can have everything you need to whip up the kind of cocktails your friends will be begging you to make time and time again.

Tool List

  • Good measuring cups – Great drinks come from accurately measured ingredients. We recommend this one.
  • Shaker – We prefer the Boston shaker style. If you buy the large side of the shaker, you can use one of your home pint glasses to shake up a great Bees Knees among other great cocktails.
  • Spoon – Some recipes call for a barspoon of this or that. Others, like a good martini, require you to stir not shake. Bar spoons have a spiral handle to help you stir like a pro.
  • Strainer – Necessary to keep the ice out of your drink after shaking.
  • Fine strainer – To strain out those little bits of mint, you’ll need a good fine strainer.
  • Muddler – Helps extract the juice and flavor from things like mint and peppers. Necessary for a great Pepper Delicious.
  • Mixing jar – When a cocktail is stirred not shaken, you need something to build your cocktail in that allows for straining and straining.

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