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Getting ready for a party takes a lot of work. From cooking to cleaning and all that’s in between, it all takes time. If you want to serve a great cocktail but don’t want to spend your party behind the bar, we have a few tips that will help make serving delicious drinks a whole lot easier.

  1. Make things ahead of time. Simple syrup, as well as most other syrups, can be made a week before your party. Mix them up, put them in an airtight bottle and stick them in your fridge until you’re ready to make your first drink. We recommend labeling your syrup containers with the made on date. This will help you know when it’s time to make a fresh batch.
  2. Use fresh juice. When it comes to citrus, the fresher the better. You’ll want to juice your lemons and limes no earlier than the day of the event.
  3. Batch it. You can’t mix everything ahead of time but there is a lot that you can do the morning of your party. If your cocktail calls for something with bubbles (soda water, tonic, champagne) you’ll have to add that right before you serve your guest a drink. Most everything else can be combined in advance. To keep things straight and delicious, keep a list of whats going into your batch. Then, cross it off as you add each ingredient.
  4. Add water. That might sound crazy but if you plan on just pouring the cocktail form the batch you’ve made ahead of time, you have to add the water in that shaking the cocktail would have provided. To make up for not shaking, all batched cocktails should have 10% added water to the total volume of your batch, unless you are diluting with soda water.
  5. Refrigerate. Once the party starts, pull out the batched cocktail, pour, serve and enjoy.

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