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Gin is my Valentine

Get ready to have your socks blown off. Okay, now that you are barefoot in anticipation…. Prepare to try a Valentine’s Day cocktail that will make you fall in love. If you weren’t in love before, YOU WILL BE NOW. So make two; One for you and your sweetheart… or hell, two for you!
Aviation Gin Caribeno
The Coconut Kiss
1 1/2 oz Aviation American Gin
1/2 Cointreau
1/4 Rich simple syrup
1/2 oz Orgeat
3/4 oz Freshly pressed lime juice
Coconut water cubes
1.Pour coconut water into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.
2.In a mixing glass, combine all ingredients.
3.Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
4.Pour into a double rocks glass and garnish with a mint tip.
5.Fall in love.
– Richelle Thorpe, Professional Gin Lover

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