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Garnish Your Cocktail

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Garnishes have quickly become one of my favorite parts of making a cocktail. Not only do they add to the aroma of your drink right before you take that first sip, but they also add to the aesthetic, making it a drink you don’t want to take your eyes off of. So get creative with fresh fruits, herbs, and whatever else you can find. They are what people notice first, and looking back, often remember most.

The little things can go a long way. 
By Richelle Thorpe

2 thoughts on “Garnish Your Cocktail

  1. Jackie Day says:

    Hi. Just purchased a bottle of Aviation Gin. What are the best garnishes to serve as a Gin and Tonic?


    • Aviation says:


      There are so many great ways to garnish a G&T. For our perfect G&T, we opt for both a lemon and a lime, squeezed and placed into the glass. Other good ideas are star anise pods, grapefruit, or lavender and orange.


      Kelly from the Aviation Team

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