Frequently Asked Questions - Aviation American Gin

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aviation unique?

Aviation is thought to be the first true partnership between distiller and bartender in American history. This gives the brand a unique insight as to how it might work on the palate and in cocktails, with an intimate understanding of gin gained outside the distilling arena. In this spirit, Aviation is the first among gins to create a distinct flavor profile specifically for the American palate.

What is “American” Gin?

In pioneering a new dry style especially for the American palate, Aviation takes advantage of the rich, floral and savory flavor notes of alternative botanicals such as lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla to capture the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest.

What’s the best way to enjoy Aviation?

As with most dry gins, Aviation shines brightest when properly mixed in classic and modern culinary cocktails. Aviation, in particular, works best in citrus accented drinks that play off its unique notes of lavender, cardamom, sarsaparilla, and anise seed. Unlike most dry gins, however, Aviation sets itself apart with its slightly subdued juniper and citrus presence against the back drop of creamy grain spirit, which makes it uniquely, enjoyable all by itself, both ice cold and at room temperature.


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