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Finding Your Drink


I am going to share the story of how I found my new go-to cocktail and how I learned to feel more confident ordering at bars.   I have to confess, before working for Aviation, I was not a fan of gin.  And I needed to be.  I could not market a brand or product I didn’t believe in.  So I went to the website and looked at the cocktail recipes.  I looked over each and every recipe – trying to decide what I thought would taste good while also taking into consideration what ingredients I had on hand (thanks to my Aviation American Gin-loving husband it was already in our home bar).  One drink rose to the top, the Bees Knees.  It was so simple to make and with only 3 ingredients, I was cocktail in-hand within minutes.  To my surprise, I absolutely loved it!  I was utterly amazed that 1) I actually did like gin (or at least this gin) and 2) I could make drinks!  I was so excited and made another for my husband and our two gin-drinking pals who were over for a visit.  Everyone was impressed, including me.  I was a vodka-cranberry gal and I never even called out a specific vodka!  That was 2 years ago, and although I have learned a tremendous amount about the spirits industry and different cocktails, this is still one of my favorites.

So how did I learn how to order confidently at bars?  I experimented at home A LOT.  There are still moments when I am intimidated by some cocktail menus, but knowing what I like is the first step to being able to order.   I know I like Aviation American Gin.  I now know I like a balance of citrus and sweet.  I also discovered I like bubbles…so cocktails with champagne or Prosecco or even topped with soda water.

So what are you waiting for?  Find a recipe that looks good to you and make it!  Good luck and I know you will find your next favorite.

-Amy Yukas, Director of Marketing

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