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El “Perfect Serve”


Most of our friends are surprised when they learn that Spain is, by far, the largest export market for Aviation American Gin.  The truth is, it all happened very quickly starting in 2012, and nobody was more surprised than we were.

Why Spain?  We weren’t quite sure, so I decided to get on a plane (or three) and head to Barcelona last summer.  Nothing could have prepared me for what I found.  In the U.S., gin owes its explosive growth in cultural relevance (and volume) to the cocktail renaissance.  Foodies, particularly of the Millennial generation, have rediscovered what prior generations knew – cocktails are a sophisticated culinary expression, and gin is an indispensable component of most classic cocktails.

I digress.  What I found that summer in Barcelona, and later in Madrid and a half dozen other Spanish cities, is that cocktails (as we define them) are still outside of the Iberian mainstream.  What, then, are Spaniards doing with all that gin?  The improbable answer was the same in every place I visited, including institutions like Tandem, Ideal, Xixbar, Dry Martini, and more.  Gin & tonics!

But not just any gin & tonics.  Spain, which has influenced the food world through tapas, molecular gastronomy, and everything in between, has essentially reinvented the traditional highball of the East India Company.  What was once malaria medicine with a gin chaser has been elevated to an art form, with any self-respecting bar or restaurant featuring dozens of gins, tonics, modifiers and garnishes on their menu.  What’s more, every gin is presented in what the Spanish call its “perfect serve.”  In other words, a unique combination of tonic, modifier, and garnish that is the soul mate of a particular gin brand.

We believe that Spain’s contribution to the gin world will become increasingly visible and eventually popular in the United States.  You might wonder, then… what is the absolute best way to enjoy Aviation American Gin in a G&T?  We asked ourselves that very question, and in a follow up post my partners Ryan Magarian and Brooke Arthur will share their creations.  Until then… salud!

-Thomas Mooney, CEO

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