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People don’t often associate eggs and cocktails, but I’m going to tell you why eggs make a great addition to your cocktail repertoire!  Making a cocktail is a lot like composing a plate of food, in that you want to pair flavors, textures, and presentation that will balance out to make something delicious for your palate.  Eggs, whether you use the whole thing, yolks, or just the whites, add lots of texture and mouth feel to your cocktail.  If you use just egg whites, you are going to get a lighter, fluffier finish to your cocktail that will have a beautiful froth on top, which is one reason they are traditionally served “up” or without ice.  Pisco Sour, Strawberry Fizz, and the Ramos Gin Fizz are all great egg white cocktails.  If you use just the yolk, you are going to get a much richer cocktail, heavier mouth feel and a longer finish.  The Golden Fizz would fall in to this category.  Finally, cocktails that use whole eggs will have a rich and creamy texture.  The Tom & Jerry, Flip, Red Eye (which you might remember from the movie “Cocktail”), and Egg Nog (probably the most widely known of all egg drinks and something you might have sipped on over the holidays) are great examples.  One of my favorite egg cocktails is an Aviation Blood Orange Fizz.

Blood Orange Fizz

2 oz Aviation American Gin

¾ oz Freshly pressed blood orange juice

¾ oz Simple syrup

white of 1 large egg

San Pelegrino Aranciatta Rossa

No matter what your favorite spirit is, there is an egg-based cocktail out there waiting for you to try!


Rich T Heider II, Brand Supporter – Arizona

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