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The rise of craft spirits like our Aviation American Gin is revolutionizing the spirits industry.  Nielsen estimates that total volume of craft spirits is up +85% over the past year, and 1 in 6 households now regularly buy craft brands.  By most accounts, craft spirits are on pace to become an even greater force than craft beer has been, and some day soon these amazing brands could generate more than 10% of industry volume.  These are good times for craft distillers and for people everywhere who seek brands that are authentic and share their values.
Incredibly, all of this has happened without a trade association to help craft producers overcome the barriers created by larger competitors and by decades of over-regulation.  Neither craft brewers, nor independent winemakers, would be where they are without their respective trade associations.  Just how much bigger would craft spirits be with that sort of support?
We’re about to find out!
Over the past year, dozens of craft distilleries from around the country have worked tirelessly to establish the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), a non-profit advocacy group with an elected board and a clear mission – to remove the barriers that stand in the way of the craft spirits revolution.  A majority of the ACSA membership met earlier this year in Denver, CO, and at that gathering we were deeply honored to be elected the first president of ACSA.
Between now and the next ACSA convention, which will take place next February in Austin, TX, we will work closely with our peers from around the country to fight for tax fairness (we are severely disadvantaged versus both beer and wine producers), integrity (we will roll out a code of conduct that ensures honest labeling of craft brands), for media, trade, and consumer awareness of craft spirits, and much more.
How far will the craft spirits revolution go?  Nobody knows for sure, but as ACSA leaders we will do all we can to ensure that consumers, and not large competitors or overzealous regulators, have the final say.
-Thomas Mooney, CEO

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