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Cocktails: The Camping Edition


Recently I was introduced to a kitchen accessory that I had been using for years without knowing it had a cocktail application. An item so simple and everyday, I had never thought of using it for shaking cocktails while in the wilderness; The mason jar. 

Camping 2

Simply add your ingredients plus ice and shake, shake, shake, then top with the carbonated beverage of your choice. It is instantly refreshing and especially good for summertime drinks with herbs and fruit. Muddling fresh herbs too much can give off very astringent flavors, while vigorously shaking gives off the only the fragrant essential oils that you want. You can get creative and through in your favorite fruit-herb combinations for maximum deliciousness. Think: peach/mint, cucumber/basil, pineapple/sage.
Camping 3
I made my camping version of an Aviation Southside; Aviation, Lemon slices, Mint, a spoon-full of sugar, and ice, closed the lid and gave it a good frosty shake.  And just to make it more refreshing, topped it off with some soda water. Delicious!
Cheers and happy trails!
– Richelle Thorpe, Retail Manager

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