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One Bottle of Gin, So Many Cocktails

Pegu Club
As you can imagine, we experiment a lot with Aviation Gin in cocktails, and as we do, we find that it is incredibly versatile. I think the best, and most surprising, way to explore its versatility isn’t to concoct some crazy new drink but instead to turn to the classics. So here are some tried-and-true drinks, originally made with other spirits, that are as good or better when made with Aviation American Gin. And they are certainly worth the time and effort to make.

Original Base Spirit                 Original Cocktail                 Gin Version    
Rum                                         Daiquiri                               Gimlet
Bourbon (Rye)                       Manhattan                        Hearst
Tequila                                    Margarita                            Pegu Club
Brandy                                    Sidecar                                 White Lady
Vodka                                      Moscow Mule                     Gin Mule
– Christian Krogstad, Founder

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