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Working on the bottling line at house spirits can be a lot of fun, but ensuring our products leave the distillery looking their best involves a lot of hands-on labor.

The bottling of Aviation American Gin usually includes a team of 4-6 people, all of us motivated to create a good looking product, all of us with an eye for details and a desire to catch any mistakes before they leave the distillery. It can take a surprising amount of discipline to keep standards high after hand-bottling more than a thousand bottles a day for months, and our bottling crew has continued to impress.

Our current process for bottling Aviation American Gin has evolved over the past year to include the following steps.

  1. Gin is pumped from the bottling storage tank to a small bottling reservoir (the gin cow) capable of filling 6 bottles at once
  2. Check the glass for physical imperfections and quickly ‘cleaning’ the interior space with compressed air
  3. Capping the bottles
  4. Applying the front badge (with our batch number id)
  5. Applying the cap strip
  6. Applying the shrinky-dink
  7. Running bottles through the heating element to shrink the dinks.
  8. Before boxing, the boxes are dated and labeled with product info. The bottles have one more visual inspection before being boxed.
  9. Add a necker tag
  10. Stack boxes on a pallet and shipped out and about. If you love it, let it go.

-Aaron, Head Bottler

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