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Boozy Parties – Part 2


You are too a bartender: I recently had some friends swear to me that they could not make more than a gin and tonic, which I assured them did not have to be true for much longer. So I invited several of these friends over to prove to them that in several easy steps they could put together some knock-out cocktails.

Tom Collins
I chose a fairly simple cocktail, but one that offers some versatility: The Tom Collins. This drink is a classic and perfect, because once you learn the basic template, you can muddle in different fruits and herbs to create endless variations. We each chose different fruit/herb combinations and the results were a few very different cocktails, yet, all unanimously voted delicious.
Step 1: 
Buy spirits, lemons, and the fruits and herbs of your choice. Also be sure to make simple syrup to have on hand by simply adding equal parts sugar and hot water and stirring until completely dissolved.
Step 2: 
Begin cocktail making. Start by choosing a fruit and herb combination. I chose blackberry & sage. Muddle in a pint glass.
Step 3:
Squeeze and measure 1 oz lemon into the glass, add 3/4 oz simple syrup, and 2 oz Aviation American Gin.
Step 4:
Fill glass with ice and shake, shake, shake until the glass is frosty.
Step 5: 
Strain into a collins glass filled with ice and top with soda water (generally about 2 oz).
Step 6:
Garnish and enjoy. Check you out, fancy bartender.


-Richelle Thorpe, Retail Manager


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