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Boozy Parties – Part 1


Bar Set Up


Need an excuse for a party? I recently invited a few friends over to try my favorite cocktail made with three different spirits. The goal – determine which spirit worked best in a Bees Knees. Here’s how you can host your own version of this simple cocktail party.

  1. Select your base cocktail and spirits
  2. Prep your ingredients
  3. Provide a few palate cleansing snacks
  4. Set out some pens and score cards
  5. Shake up your cocktails
  6. Drink & score

Step 1


Spirit Selection


For this party, I chose to use Volstead Vodka, Aviation American Gin and Krogstad Aquavit as my three test spirits in a Bees Knees. I had a feeling they’d each work with my basic cocktail but are different enough in flavor profile. I selected the Bees Knees for my standard cocktail because it’s easy to make with only three ingredients and lemon juice & honey syrup goes with just about everything.

Step 2



Before the party started I prepped by ingredients by juicing fresh lemons, making honey syrup and slicing garnish. In total, I had enough cocktail makings for each guest to have at least three drinks.


Prep your garnish


Once your garnish, lemon juice and honey syrup are made your bar is basically done. All that’s left is setting out your bar tools. You’ll need a shaker set, jigger, strainer, fine strainer and glassware. All totaled, that’s about 10 minutes of prep.

Step 3


Palate cleansers

When tasting multiple drinks, you’ll need a few palate cleansers to help your guests refresh between each cocktail. Flavors can linger on the tongue and you’ll need something to clear those drink flavor notes away before rating the next drink  I served plain crackers, pickles and lemon sorbet. All three are known to help get your taste buds queued up to analyze their next sip.

Step 4



Figuring out which spirit is your favorite and comparing that to your friends is the best part of this party. I created these score cards on my computer. You can download the Cocktail Score Card here or make your own. Either way, you’ll need a way for everyone to capture their thoughts.


Step 5 


Drinks for scoring

I pre-poured the spirits into shakers so no one knew which drink had which spirit and then had my guests help me shake up the cocktails.


Step 6


Tasting & scoring

Once your cocktails are poured your work is over. The best part is, as the host you don’t have to go back into the kitchen. Each guest has three drinks at their finger tips and the food is out. All that’s left to do is rate the drinks and, of course, drink them.


– Kelly Sanders, Marketing Manager

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