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BBQing in Texas is a right of passage during the summertime. everyone does it and everyone in an expert. For bartenders in central Texas grilling takes on a different meaning. We often don’t grill out on the usual Saturdays and Sundays. We’re to busy making fantastic cocktails and providing great service for the weekend warriors. So, this past week I invited a few of the industries brightest and best over to my place for a Monday grilling session. First off, we needed to figure out what we wanted to make. Rob Crabtree from newly opened bar Half Step took the reigns on this. he decided in true Texas fashion it was definitely a fajita kind of night. As Rob prepped the evenings meal, I “grilled” a couple other local bartenders on drinks. Trey Jenkins from long standing cocktail bar staple Peche wanted to play with a lighter more vegetal version of the Negroni. He decided on Aviation American Gin, Lillet blanc and Cynar (a artichoke bitter liquor) all equal parts stirred with large format ice. This cocktail would prove to pair perfect with rob’s grilled blistered shisoto peppers and grilled asparagus accompanied with early June weather here in Austin.

Next up I challenged Whitney Hobbs, also of Half Step, to come up with an equally delicious and appropriate cocktail for the main course. In a stroke of genius she quickly came up with a variation Joe the classic daiquiri. She takes 1.25 oz of Aviation American Gin, .75 oz of Ancho Chile Liquor, adds those to a mixing tin then quickly ads equal parts fresh lime juice and simple syrup .5oz per. Shakes all ingredients together and strains into a chilled coupe. Perfection! What is left is a perfect mixture of Aviation American Gin’s botanicals and the sweet smokey heat of the ancho chile liquor. with lime and sugar to perfectly balance out the cocktail. This plays perfectly with rob’s perfectly seasoned skirt steak that’s finished with grilled lime and peppers. I look forward to this summer as I’m sure there will be many more amazing Texas grill nights to come. times like these I’m glad a majority of my friends are bartenders.



_ Travis Tober, Brand Supporter, Texas

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