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Bathtub Cleaning Techniques

The term gets bandied about quite a bit, and each person has their own connotation when using it, but the true origin of “Bathtub Gin” is obscured by conflicting references and lore. All indications are that it originated during Prohibition and today it is generally meant to refer to either poor quality, or home made spirits and either of these meanings seem to be close to the mark.
Of course you can’t “make” gin in a bathtub since it is an open vessel and has no means of collecting and condensing spirituous vapor (distillation), but you can mix or compound a beverage that loosely resembles gin, adding ethyl alcohol, water, juniper extract, some sugar and God Knows what else. And this is probably the most accurate and well-documented definition, supported by transcript from Committee of the Fourteen (an Anti-Saloon League organization active from 1905-1932 in NYC). But a bathtub would be a pretty awkward and impractical vessel for such a task, so I would guess you would do it in a bathtub just once then look for a more suitable container.

These days, its probably best to just sip a nice gin cocktail while in the bath.

– Christian Krogstad, Founder

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