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Behind the Scenes with Kiowa Bryan

Kiowa Bryan

Her name is Kiowa Eowyn Bryan and you can find her at the Eveleigh in West Hollywood. She joined the House Spirits team back in November 2012 after starting her career in “busy Jersey nightclubs back in the day.” She eventually opened up SoHo West Hollywood with Chris Ojeda and was thus introduced to “the new-to-LA world of craft cocktails.” She is responsible for having one of the only cocktails on tap in LA; a Sparkling Aviation Blood Orange Negroni. You’ll have to head into the Eveleigh for that one but Kiowa was kind enough to share this Sunday Bloody Sunday.


Sunday Bloody Sunday

1 ½ oz Aviation Gin

1 oz Carpano

1 oz Gran Classico

In a mixing glass, add spirits and mixers. Stir. Strain into a glass filled with a blood orange and rosemary ice cube.*

*Blood orange and rosemary ice cube: Freeze freshly pressed blood orange juice in 2×2 ice cube trays. Place a sprig of rosemary in each cube.

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