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Aviation’s Secret Ingredient


Okay, so we’re not very secretive, but if we were we might be mum about one of the ingredients in Aviation American Gin: Sarsaparilla. There are two reasons to keep it secret, first because it is such an unusual ingredient for gin and second because it is the botanical least likely to be identified upon tasting Aviation American Gin. Sarsaparilla is the main flavor of real Root Beer, so fans of that might be able to pick it out but most can’t.

The Sarsaparilla was the final addition to the botanical makeup of Aviation American Gin. We had chosen the other six ingredients first, and had achieved what we like to call a “Botanical Democracy” with the spirit firing on nearly all cylinders (great aroma, entry, flavor and finish), but it fell flat on mid-palate body and structure and we needed something oily or phenolic to fill that gap. The obvious choice would have been vanilla, but we wanted to be more innovative than that, so we cast about for another option, and I remembered the pipe tobacco my father smoked when I was a child, and the sweet fragrance of the sarsaparilla it contained. I’m really happy with our choice, and I hope you are too.

– Christian Krogstad, Founder

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